07 August 2020--- Iraq says will make additional oil cuts in August

07 August 2020--- US oil, gas rig count slides 3 to 285 as Permian operators shed rigs- Enverus

06 August 2020--- Somalia expects to announce winners of first petroleum auction early 2021

06 August 2020--- Effort to douse fire in Baghjan well in final stages

05 August 2020---U.S. Natural Gas Assets Are Selling For Pennies On The Dollar

05 August 2020--- Lessons from Baghjan, Dehing-Patkai - Assam fears bigger ecological damage from draft EIA

03 August 2020--- Nigeria to Reduce Crude Oil Production Cost to $10 Per Barrel

03 August 2020--- Attempt to Cap Gas Well at Baghjan Fails, OIL Says Reasons Being Examined – OIL

31 July 2020--- North Dakota to spend $66 mln to plug abandoned wells

31 July 2020--- Oil India completes capping stack of blowout well

30 July 2020--- For Next Project, Oil India Plans to Drill Closer to Dibru-Saikhowa National Park

30 July 2020--- OIL Plans Dummy Run for Capping Operation at Assam's Baghjan Oilfield

29 July 2020--- Spain hopes Turkey overture on drilling leads to talksA

29 July 2020--- Cairn deploys Honeywell Forge to improve productivity

24 July 2020--- Greece Warns Turkey Over Oil, Gas Research Mission

24 July 2020--- Work on capping Assam gas well fire resumes day after explosion

21 July 2020--- Turkish vessel begins drilling in Black Sea: minister

21 July 2020--- Threat of tsunami lurks in offshore KG basin as geological faultline found: Study

20 July 2020--- OPEC and allies to allow more oil production

20 July 2020--- Baghjan Fire Update: PM Modi took stock of the progress of the dousing effort

10 July 2020--- NGT Accepts a New Case Against OIL for Baghjan Blowout

10 July 2020--- Assam: Baghjan blowout enters 44th day, OIL fails to douse fire

09 July 2020--- North Dakota Will Not Impose Oil Production Cuts

09 July 2020--- Petrobras to open tender for Brazil's biggest ever platform

08 July 2020--- Brazil's Petrobras starts decommissioning Campos Basin platforms

08 July 2020--- Exclusive: Russia's Rosneft to buy a drilling business from IDS

08 July 2020--- Company cheats Petroleum Ministry of Rs 7.2 crore

07 July 2020--- Down to handful of active rigs, Canada's oil and gas drillers face permanent contraction

07 July 2020--- Total to restart drilling offshore S Africa in 4Q 2020

06 July 2020--- Saudi Arabia and Kuwait restart production at huge shared oil field

06 July 2020--- HOEC temporarily suspends operations at PY-1 field

02 July 2020--- ONGC, OIL top bidders for eleven oil, gas blocks

02 July 2020--- Tepid response: Only one private bid for oilfields in 5th OALP round

01 July 2020--- Opec oil output hits 2-decade low as Saudis make further cuts

01 July 2020--- U.S. crude oil output falls 669,000 bpd to 12.1 million bpd in April

30 June 2020--- Libyan tribal leader says oil output to resume

30 June 2020--- Chinese Oil Major Strikes It Big In South China Sea

29 June 2020--- Assam gas leak and fire: Severe floods leads OIL to call off blowout ops for the day

29 June 2020--- Companies in Northeast region are giving renewed thrust on enhanced oil recovery schemes: ONGC

27 June 2020--- Norway wants more renewable power for oil platforms, major industry

27 June 2020--- DGH cuts time from discovery to production; eases rules

26 June 2020--- The oil reserves in the USA increased during the period from 12 June to 19 June 1442 thousand barrels

26 June 2020--- Trump administration opens sensitive Arctic areas to oil development

26 June 2020--- Assam gas field may have flouted green guidelines

25 June 2020--- Norway proposes large expansion of Arctic oil exploration

25 June 2020--- Oil India Reports Production Loss Due To Protests In Baghjan

24 June 2020--- US Shale Industry at The Brink of Bankruptcies, Consolidation

24 June 2020--- India ONGC’s halts offshore rigs on Covid-19

23 June 2020--- Nigeria cuts production of 13.67 million barrels of oil amid COVID-19 lockdown

23 June 2020--- ONGC Suspends Operations at Two Rigs in Arabian Sea After Covid-19 Cases, Tightens Safety Norms

22 June 2020--- Shale Drilling Shutdown Continues for 14th Week

22 June 2020--- Blockades Lifted, Operations Resume At Oil India Limited's Baghjan Wells

20 June 2020--- U.S. and Canadian oil & gas rig count falls to record lows -Baker Hughes

20 June 2020--- Baghjan oil well inferno: Indian Army visits ground zero

19 June 2020--- LNG project Sakhalin-2 extended license to 26g

19 June 2020--- Assam well fire continues, environment assessment study in progress

18 June 2020--- As fire at Assam gas well continues, studies under way to assess impact on environment

18 June 2020--- Ravva oil & gas fields: SC seeks response from Vedanta

17 June 2020--- Driller charged over contamination in 'Gasland' towna

17 June 2020--- Assam well fire continues, Army joins efforts to douse blaze

16 June 2020--- Cry for ‘satisfactory’ aid in well zone

16 June 2020--- Coronavirus onslaught delays Kanchan well drilling

15 June 2020--- Ecopetrol denounces sabotage of 31 wells at La Cira-Infantas oil field

15 June 2020--- Pradhan vows to act against gas well blowout guilty

13 June 2020--- U.S. oil & gas rig count hits record low for 6th week -Baker Hughes

13 June 2020--- 'Roadmap' ready to douse Assam oil well fireA

12 June 2020--- Nigeria extends deadline for marginal oilfield bids

12 June 2020--- Assam: OIL well fire contained but not doused

12 June 2020--- Gabon's DG of Hydrocarbons, PGS offering 3D seismic data across 35 blocks

11 June 2020--- Nigeria to reach OPEC+ compliance by mid-July

11 June 2020--- Repsol transfers its exploration rights for oil and gas off Bulgarian coast

10 June 2020--- U.S. Gas Drillers Face A Major Problem

10 June 2020--- Flames leap from oil well

09 June 2020--- ONGC Videsh output may fall in FY21 on natural decline, OPEC+ supply cut

09 June 2020--- Government extends oil block bid deadline to June 30

08 June 2020--- Production at Libya's Sharara oilfield restarts, engineers say

08 June 2020--- Liberia auctions oil blocks online due to Coronavirus outbreak

06 June 2020--- U.S. oil & gas rig count falls to record low for 5th week -Baker Hughes

06 June 2020--- Oil India says well still leaking gas ‘uncontrollably’, over a week after major blowout

05 June 2020--- Denmark should end oil and gas hunt, says government adviser

05 June 2020--- Attempt to cap gas blowout in Assam in 2-3 days with help from experts: OIL

04 June 2020--- Trump administration delays most June oil and gas lease sales

04 June 2020--- Gas flow from OIL well on, more people evacuated in Assam

03 June 2020--- U.S. shale producers begin restoring output as oil prices turn higher

03 June 2020--- Foreign experts to douse well blowout

02 June 2020--- Trump administration shelves more oil and gas lease sales

02 June 2020--- Drop in oil prices ‘gives crypto miners an edge’

01 June 2020--- Output cut: Nigeria leads in OPEC non-compliance

01 June 2020--- Three days post Assam oil well explosion, natural gas emission still on

29 May 2020--- The oil reserves in the USA increased during the period from may 15 to may 22

29 May 2020--- Iraq’s oil-rig count tumbles after IOCs ordered to cut spending on oil plunge

28 May 2020--- Lockdown fails to hit oil & gas production

28 May 2020--- Explosion at Oil India well in Tinsukia

27 May 2020--- Pertamina opens up new oil and gas well despite weak oil prices

27 May 2020--- US drilling industry says offshore ban would crush jobs, government revenues

26 May 2020--- Saudi to invest in Iraq's Akkas gas field - Al Arabiya

26 May 2020--- Bahrain plans new oil exploration push

23 May 2020--- N. American oil & gas rig count falls to record lows -Baker Hughes

23 May 2020--- Trafigura takes a bet with North Sea oil on post-lockdown revival

22 May 2020--- Oil India to drill in Dibru-Saikhowa National Park from outside

22 May 2020--- U.S. cuts royalties for hard-hit oil, gas drillers

21 May 2020--- Trump administration abruptly postpones New Mexico oil and gas auction

21 May 2020--- OIL under fire after clearance to drill in bio-diversity hotspot vicinity

20 May 2020--- Google backs off on AI for oil and gas extraction

20 May 2020--- Exxon revives sale of stake in giant Azeri oilfield

27 April 2020--- Govt simplifies oil, gas block processes; provides for self-certification, deemed approval

1 Jul 2014 --- ONGC to invest Rs 5,706 cr for redeveloping offshore field in Mumbai High

1 Jul 2014 --- ONGC to invest Rs 5,706 cr for redeveloping offshore field in Mumbai High

1 Jul 2014 --- RIL to defer investment in developing new fields, says partner

1 Jul 2014 --- Russiaís Rosneft explores five fields in Barents sea

1 Sep 2014 --- Is the Latest Round of Russia Sanctions a Threat to ExxonMobil?

1 Jul 2014 --- ONGC to invest Rs 5,706 cr for redeveloping offshore field in Mumbai High

1 Jul 2014 --- RIL to defer investment in developing new fields, says partner

1 Sep 2014 --- Is the Latest Round of Russia Sanctions a Threat to ExxonMobil?

1 Jul 2014 --- ONGC to invest Rs 5,706 cr for redeveloping offshore field in Mumbai High

1 Sep 2014 --- Is the Latest Round of Russia Sanctions a Threat to ExxonMobil?