The Oil and Gas News section is updated daily on all working days. We compile online published news on National and International major incidents, news and views in oil and gas sector.

The section is divided into National, International, Exploration and Crude oil segments. You can read, download or search on a particular topic for the day or as the stories develop over a period. of time.

PetroMag – A daily E-zine




PetroMag is a complete e-zine on Oil & Gas sector, sent to all subscribers by e-mail, daily morning by 10 AM (India time).
PetroMag covers important news and events, National and International Prices of Crude and Petroleum products, tanker position at all ports, Import and export of petroleum products and lot of important data / information.





The DataMag contains mainly monthly oil company overall performace in Exploration, Refinery production, products sales, Growth, import / export and ohter parameters which are important to calculate GRM and evaluating the performace of oil industry during the month and compared to the same month last year with cumulative impact.
DataMag is published monthly.




India is a very large country and it is very challenging to compile the statistics on Petroleum sector.
Statistics Handbook contains latest and updated published data on Exploration, Production, Sales, Finance and other important / useful data on Petroleum Sector.


On the latest topics we write and share the articles written by renowned professionals and companies dealing on the subject. The articles are chooses to ensure that they are of fairly good standard and of value for the readers.





Bio-Diesel is still an unorganized sector in India. A sun rise industry growing up fast to support Petroleum Industry
The Govt. of India is giving many incentives and support to this sector. The magazine covers latesst happening in the sector.