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Buying / Selling Petrol pumps

The Petrol Pumps (Retail Outlets) of Major Govt. and Private oil companies are Dealership alloted by the respective oil company to an specific individual / company under the norms of the Govt. / Oil companies. The dealership operates as per the “Dealership Agreement” between the Oil company and the Dealer. Hence, theoratically the dealership CAN NOT be bought or sold by the dealer to any third party.

However, there are procedures and guidelines as per which a new person / company can be inducted in the dealership and the existing dealer can surrender his rights to be the dealer. To that extent you may assum that the dealership is sold or bought out by the dealer.

If you are serious about setting up a new outlet or buying or selling an existing petrol pump, contact Petroleum Bazaar. One of our professional associates will gladly assist you. Please send the details along with contact phone no. to

Pl go through the attached (PAID) files for initial informations which will give you most of desired information.

What’s New ?

Petroleum  is expanding to Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab, Delhi, Haryana,Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, M.P., Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and West Bengal over 40 “new high volume” locations will be available within a few months for dealership. To know more about these sites please email us at

Success Stories

Over the years Petroleum Bazaar has helped many buyers and sellers to increase profits in petroleum products sales by showing them the best way to market their product and receive the most favorable contract. We have a reputation of assisting our buyers before, during and even after their purchase.

About is not just a online service provider or data provider, in addition to assist you in the purchase of a petrol pumps, we will help you in setting up your new business including transferring all necessary licenses, financing, acquiring the best gas supply contract, re-branding if possible, assisting you to achieve the most favorable package from the oil companies. We can also help you with many other aspects of the petrol pump business which we’ve experienced over the past 20 years.

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