The production capacity of Indian Refineries by and large match with the consumption of petroleum products in India. But there are supply and demand imbalance when you look at the product wise imbalance at different regions, at different period of the year. This is where import and export of Petroleum Products provides a huge business opportunity.

Import of Petroleum Products

India is net importer of Crude oil, LPG, LNG, Bitumen and Base Oil. Needless to mention the products like Naphtha, Toluene, Benzene, Xylene, Petroleum Coke, Wax and many other products / cuts are imported for different applications by importers / consumers regularly.
The main deciding factor is identifying a genuine source from where you can competitively source the products to buy and import in India. Most of the time the buyers land up importing the product of different specification and then find difficult to sale and incur huge losses. There are 7 – 8 type of diesel depending only on sulphur and other parameters. There are 5-6 furnace oil sold at different names for different specification.
We can help you identifying the correct product, correct source at a competitive price. If you require we can help you in logistics of importing, storage at indian port and distribution / sales in Indian Market.

Export of Petroleum Products

The present exchange rate of currency and availability of cheaper finished value added product makes export a viable option for the manufacturers and traders of Petroleum product. The products namely, Lubricants, Coolants, Petroleum Jelly, Transformer oils and many type of solvents are presently exported in good numbers to Africa, Europe and middle east countries.
We can identify and assist you in develop the market and help you in logistics and complete process.
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