• Impounded Dock. System with 15 Berths
  • Three Oil Jetties  in the River 
  • Three Barge Jetties in the River for handling Oil carried by Barges
  • Haldia Anchorage for LASH vessels
  • Both the Dock Systems of Kolkata Port are impounded in nature with vessels making ingress/egress through the Lock Entrances, having access to the river.
Facilities for handling Heavy Lifts

200 ton shorebased crane at NSD

In NSD the heavy lift yard at 1 NSD is served by a 200 tonne Hammer Head Crane. The 200 tonne crane at 1 NSD is the highest capacity shore based crane in India. The Bull Nose at NSD is another heavy lift yard where heavy lifts are off-loaded from lighters and loaded into wagons, etc., by two crawler mounted cranes. There are altogether six 20 tonne capacity crawler mounted cranes for handling heavy lifts/containers.

Three self propelled (full slewing and derricking type) floating cranes available for handling heavy lifts from and into ships.

Virtual Jetty at Saugor

Kolkata Port Trust had commissioned in February 2004 a Virtual Jetty at Saugor, at a distance of about 1000 mtrs. from the western bank of Saugor Island, .for handling deep drafted vessels.  The Virtual Jetty is functional for loading and unloading operations in all seasons and takes care of Panamax size vessels with draft of 10.5 mtrs. Four mooring buoys have been placed at four sides to tie-up the ship so that barges/small vessels can tie-up alongside for stable loading/unloading operation. The facility has a stable draft of 10.5 mtrs. throughout the year and not subject to seasonal fluctuations.  

Port facilities available at Haldia Dock Complex

There are17 berths at Haldia Dock Complex of which 14 berths are located inside the impounded dock. Three oil jetties are located on the river. The main features of different berths of Haldia Dock Complex are as follows:

Oil Terminals

Oil Jetty1, Oil Jetty2, Oil Jetty3 



Oil Jetty 1 handles POL, Paraxylene, Liquid Ammonia, Chemicals, LPG, Naphtha, Benzene, Butadiene, Py Gas, MO Gas, Butane, FO, Bitumen, etc. It has direct pipeline connections to user industries. Apart from the above, facility of receiving Slop/Ballast water is also available. 

Oil Jetty 2 handles Crude and POL products (SKO, HSD, Naptha, and FO) and has direct pipeline connection to user industries having five Rotary Counter Weighted Marine Arms owned by HDC. Apart from the above facility of receiving Slop/Ballast water is also available.

Oil Jetty 3 handles Crude and POL (HSD, SKO and MS) and has direct pipeline connections to IOCL refineries at Barauni and Haldia. Also, there are direct pipeline connection from 3rd Oil Jetty to storage facility of Reliance Industries Limited at Haldia. 

All the three terminals are equipped with adequate Fire Fighting facilities. In addition, facilities for handling Class-B POL are available at Berth No. 3 inside the impounded dock. Besides, POL is also handled at two riverine barge jetties, having a total capacity of 0.5 million tones per annum.

Note : Permissible maximum / minimum length of Haldia Oil Jetty-1 to be confirmed from Marine Operations Division beforehand.

Mechanized Terminals Berth 3, 4, 4A, 5
Annual Capacity (Million Tonnes)  Maximum Permissible
LOA (Metres)
Acceptable Maximum DWT of Vessels (Tonnes)
Berth 3 2.25 239 90000
Berth 4 3.25 239 90000
Berth 4A  3.0 230 90000
Berth 5 1.2 183 90000


Berth Number Cargo Type Equipment / Facilities
3  Iron Ore, Thermal Coal, POL & Paraxylene through direct pipeline discharge. Two Wagon Tipplers, Four Stacker-cum-Reclaimers, Two Ship Loaders, Two Wagon Feeding Systems
4 Thermal Coal Two Wagon Tipplers,Two Stacker-cum-Reclaimers, Two Ship Loaders,Two Wagon Feeding Systems.
4A Coking Coal Two Stacker-cum-Reclaimers, Two Wagon Loaders, Two Mechanized Grab Handling Systems
5 Iron Ore, Coking Coal, Fertilizer Raw Material Two Unloaders


Expansive open storage available for stacking thermal Coal and Iron Ore. Additional open storage and covered storage available. 

4A is under license agreement with ISPHL & KoPT and the berth is fully mechanized for handling of coking coal with two Grab Type Ship Unloaders (20MT) capable of discharging on an average 14,000 MT/day, total integrated conveyor system with two Stacker-cum-Reclaimers, two wagon-loaders with private railway siding.

Multipurpose Berths
Annual Capacity (Million Tonnes) Acceptable Maximum DWT of Vessels (Tonnes)
Berth  4B 2.0 90000
Berth 6 & 7 Finger Jetty 2.3 90000
Berth 8 1.8 90000
Berth 9 1.0 90000
Berth 12 1.8 90000


Berth Number Cargo Type Equipment / Facilities
4B Coking Coal,Iron Ore, Coal, Other Bulk & Break Bulk Cargo Dumper / Payloader for Shore Transfer
6 Break Bulk, Dry Bulk & Liquid Bulk Pipeline discharge facilities
7 Break Bulk, Dry Bulk & Liquid Bulk Pipeline discharge facilities
8 Coking Coal, Limestone, Steel, General and other Dry Bulk Cargo Dumper / Payloader for Shore Transfer
9 Containers, Break Bulk & Dry Bulk Cargo except Coking Coal, Coke and other Black Cargo Ship’s Equipment
12 Bulk, Break & Containers One Mobile Harbour Crane, Eight Forklifts, Six Tractor-Trailer combinations, Twenty Dumpers, Four Front-end Loaders, Four Mobile Hoppers & Two EOT Cranes


Berth Nos. 6 & 7 have pipeline discharge facilities. There is ample area outside the Dock for setting up tank-farms in close proximity to the Finger Jetty. Berth Nos. 4B, 8 & 9have direct rail connectivity to their respective back-up areas.

Two covered transit sheds are located behind Berth No. 9 and Main Canteen of G.C. Berth respectively. Extensive cargo back-up hardstand area is available behind Berth Nos. 4B.

Berth 12 is under license agreement with TMILL. Length of Berth-220 meters, Width-15.63 M, back-up storage space of 14000 square meters, covered space of 3000 square meters with gantry crane. One Mobile Harbor Crane of 100 MT capacity for handling bulk, break bulk and containers.

In the impounded Dock System at Haldia, two additional berths ? Berth no. 2 and Berth no. 13, have already been commissioned in June 2007 and December 2007, respectively.  Comprehensive equipping plan / yard logistics being put to place to improve the productivity of the berths from 6,300 tonnes to 20,000 tonnes per day and make them cater to gearless vessels. Environmental Clearance has been obtained for the scheme related to Construction of a Riverine Jetty upstream of the 3rd Oil Jetty at HDC.

Transportation Facilities

Kolkata Port has a synergistic linkage with the city of Kolkata with an array of road, railway and inland waterway network connecting all parts of the country.   The Port is well connected with national and state highways, railways and national waterways. KDS is connected with NH-6, NH-2 and NH-34 through city roads. NH-41 connects Haldia with NH-6 and rest of the country. KDS is connected to Eastern Railway through Sealdah and Budge Budge Sections. HDC is connected to the South Eastern Railway via Panskura. Kolkata Port is connected to National Waterway No.1 (Ganga), National Waterway No.2 (Brahmaputra) and Waterways through Sundarban. The city of Kolkata has all the facilities of a modern society. Haldia is quickly developing as a potential industrial centre in the eastern part of the country with all the necessary infrastructure.