To fulfil the requirement of Energy / Fuels / Hydrocabons / Solvents is one of the most important aspect of the business processs. This needs specialised knowledge and understanding of the subject. However, in most of the organisation it is handled without giving the importance it deserves.

A specialist can suggest you change of better fuel / product which is more suitable and economical to your requirement. Due to deregulation of the petroleum sector and entrance of many producers / suppliers / importers there is possibility to source the product at better prices.

Petroleum industry is covered with lot of opaque policies and norms. Most of the customers have no clue whether they can use other products, which may be cheaper and suitable for their industries. They remain confined to known traditional fuels like HSD, Furnace Oil, LDO, LSHS, Natural gas and LPG etc. Some industries also use Biomass, bio-diesel, coal and natural gas.

Petroleum Bazaar is helping industries to use Bio-diesel and other eco-friendly products to reduce the operation cost and improving environment. We not only help you to use proper product but also assist you identify correct equipment, fuel, best price, best source, change fuel, arrange fuel and if needed supply fuel.

Petroleum products used in any plant / establishment is usually one of the most expensive products. The savings are possible with use of correct fuel, burners, product handling system and most important stopping the waste, excess use of fuel, theft, pilferage and mismanagement. Needless to mention proper and professional training of personnel in handling of product can have substantial saving for the company.

Initially, we propose to conduct Petro Audit to help you identify loss in process, transportation, handling and storage. We can help you standardize the fuel storage, handling, equipments needed, selection of correct fuels and to take care of licence issues, for all the plants situated at different locations.

We as fuel manager can help you to procure Right Product at Right Price and at Right time. We can also train your existing staff on this aspect of the job. As fuel Manager we conduct a Petro – Audit of your plant. We assess the need of product, its proper way to store, transport and distribution of the same.

Many well known organisations have used our services and we have helped them to reduce the cost of consumption / procurement, storage and handling losses.

To know what can be done to help your organisation, pl contact at diretor@petroleumbazaar.com or contact us at 91 22 28017099 / 28077450.