FRANCHISEE OPPORTUNITY (India) Pvt.Ltd. (PBL) is a dedicated company providing services to the oil industry.

PBL can arrange supplies from Public sector undertaking (PSU) major oil companies, private major oil companies and many other importers / exporters of petroleum products. Subject to fulfilling the statutory and other company norms, all the decontrolled products are available from PSU oil company  supply points located all over India.

Several private oil traders  import various petroleum products and usually markets from western coast ports. In addition to the above, various solvents like Benzene, Toluene, Hexane and fuel oils like Furnace Oil, LPG (Bulk) is also available at major ports as and when they are imported by these traders. Needless to mention Base Oils, Bitumen and chemicals used in petroleum industry are also available.

We market these petroleum products all over India and now in a process of building marketing network of Business Partners (BP) and franchisees. As a business policy PBL does not market directly to any customers. It supplies all the products through its business partners.

The business process given below:

  • The direct market network will have three tier i.e. Business Partner (BP)., Franchisee and End user.
  • In every town there will be only one / two BP. Each BP will appoint, with prior approval of PBL, Franchisees, who will ultimately cater to the customers.

Diagrammatically the structure can be represented as follows  :

Business Partner :
We are in the process of appointing BPs in all the major towns / markets. The proposed BP has to submit an application containing the details of his business activities and a plan of action to market, free trade products of PBL. The prime responsibilities of BP is as follows :

BP must meet the sales target mutually agreed on product-to-product and overall basis.
BP shall recommended appointment of Franchisee selection
BP shall have technical personnel to support the marketing effort of franchisee.
BP shall ensure that the franchisee is active and providing proper services to the customers.
Though the company will send direct communication to franchisee, its interpretation and implementation will be BP’s prime responsibility.
Sending MIS as desired by the company.

BP need to pay an one time refundable deposit of Rs. 50,000 and non-refundable Rs. 10,000

Franchisee :
BP in consultation with PBL representative will recommend franchisee which can will be approved by PBL HO. Prime responsibilities of the Franchisee is as follows :

To meet the sales target as mutually agreed with BP / PBL.
Enroll customers, fulfillment of supplies, servicing the need of the customers, providing technical and other support through BP or PBL.
Send MIS as per requirement of PBL.

Franchisee will pay an one time refundable deposit of Rs.20,000 and Rs. 2500 per annum as annual fee towards administrative expenses. Franchisee will get 90% commission / discount on the quantity of product sold to the end user / direct customer.