Conservation of Energy

Conservation Activities provides services of expert technical groups and personnel to advise and conduct studies to improve conservation of energy in your plant, office, farm house and residential complexes.

Franchisee opportunity

Petroleum Bazaar offers Franchise oppertunity to the enterpreneur who are interested in Petroleum / Oil & Gas business.

Please look at the presentation. You may download the Application Form and send the same to us. For any clarification pl contact us.

Fuel Manager

Fuel Manager

We provide services of Fuel Manager for Plants / organisations. We help client to select proper product, find supplier in India / abroad, logistics, negotiate price and help storage  and distribution. Best way to get product at most competitive price.

Import & Exports

The section provides you assitance in import and Export of Petroleum Product for consumption as End User / Trading and evacuation of product from your plant.


To know how to organize insurance of Petrol Pumps, LPG Storage Godown, Industries, Transport vehicles, Petroleum Depots and Refinery assets this section will help you understand. We help in the insurance of the assests where petroleum products are used / stored and distributed.


ISO Certification

ISO certifications adds value to the extent of standardisation of process and activities. This generates confidence in the customers about consistent quality of the products and services. This also helps employees to follow set procedures rather than banking on experiencial learning. 

We provide ISO certification services.


Jobs available in the Oil & Gas industry are posted. The oil companies can post their requirement of staff in all area of operation / services. The professionals looking for better career opportunity may submit their resumes and search for suitable openings in the sector.

Logistic Support

In Industries the Logistics cost of fuel and other petroleum products are very significant and sometimes decisive in the viability of the process. Many industry loose the opportunity of imports and purchase from othre viable sources because lack of knowledge or economical mode of transportation. We assist organisations to select import / purchase of product at most competitive prices.

Market survey

Market Survey

When you want to make entry in any specific territory or entire India for petroleum products marketing, developing distribution network or developing infrastructure for any any specific product, a proper market survey is an essential job. We provide data / services to conduct, collect and assimilate data of the specific market as per customer requirement.

Online Exhitibition

We conduct Online Exhitibition of products and services which are useful and significant to oil & Gas sector. Here companies project their  products and services with the help of Presentations, Video, Catalogue and photographs. 

Petrol Pump

Petrol Pump Dealership / LPG Distributorship / CNG dealership and SKO / LDO dealership are one of the most sought after business opportuntities in India. This section gives you fairly good idea of the dealership business in this sector. The Market discipline guideline provides you details on the operating part regulations in this segment.

Safety And Environment

Safety And Environment provides services of expert technical groups and personnel to advise and conduct studies to improve safety in your plant, office, Restaurants, farm houses and residential complexes.


The Important Active Tenders in Oil & Gas sector are listed in this section. We try to provide the necessary details so that you may explore the possibility to participate in these tenders. In many specific tenders we also provide assistance / services / knowhow and products so that you may succeed in completion of the tender requirements. 


When you import products or when you purchase the product from a new / existing suppliers it is important to have correct lboratory testing  and its interpretation of the results. During manufacturing or development of the products detail testing is required. We shall help you to indentify that which are the tests required for your applications, get them tested in laborabory  and provide you logical interpretation of the test results.



We manage training programs on turnkey basis. Venue for participants at choicest of locations in India and abroad. Residential and non residential arrangements are available. Accommodation and transportation for participants.

Webinar / Web Conferencing

Webinar / Web Conferencing is a participative communication and experience sharing when the participate from different locations come together at a specif time from comfort of their office / home and a specific time. This is very time saving and most cost effective way to participate in important discussions. This section is also useful when you can use this facility to conduct web conferencing within the organisation / between organisations.