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This section is one of the most useful, most significant and very exhautinve section of the portal. Sales of all major petroleum products by PSU and major Pvt oil companies are available in this section. The data is as reported by respective oil companies. (Figs. are in MT)

Petroleum product Sales data are collected district-wise, state-wise, product-wise, catetory-wise (Retail /Direct), for LPG -Bulk / Auto / Packed data.There are many files updated monthly and yearly. 
The required data can be fetched by selecting different options given in the above six selection boxes.
"Select Financial Year" - You may select any one financial year (April - March).
"Select State" - You may select one, multiple or all States / Union Territory.
"Select Company" - If you need the sales data Oil company wise. You have option to select All or None. The PSU oil companies are certainly  there who account for over 95% of the sales in Indian market. The product sold by major private oil companies (RIL and ESSAR) have also been provided to a great extent but importers and other smaller oil companies may not have been included.
 "Select District" - Oil companies report Sales data on the consumption in the revenue district territory as announced by Govt. of India. You have option to select All or None.
"Select Product" - You have option of selecting one or multiple products from the section. 
"Select Catagory" - In case of Motor Spirit (Petrol) and HSD (Diesel) the data is available in Retail and Direct Market bifurcation. If you need the bifurcation you may select All.
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