National News
18 MAR 2017
Time Technoplast has set up a plant to manufacture composite explosion-proof cylinders for LPG with production capacity of 700,000 cylinders annually. But barely a few thousand of them find their way to Indian markets due to lack of demand. However, the company is doubling capacity at its Daman plant to produce 1,400,000 cylinders and this will come in line by May 2017.
The company has found a growing demand for its products in overseas markets. Nearly 95% of its products are being exported, mainly in Africa, Middle East, Russia, Egypt and South Asia. While exports are picking up, the company has got a breakthrough of sorts with two companies   ” Reliance Gas and HPCL   ” trying out these composite cylinders in the Indian market.
Time Technoplast acquired Kompozit-Praha s.r.o., a manufacturer of LPG composite cylinder in the Czech Republic in 2012 and moved the plant to India. These composite cylinders are explosion-proof, lightweight and translucent. These are free from rusting and corrosion.
According to Prasanta Panigrahi, senior marketing manager, Time Technoplast and Reliance Petrochem have been testing these cylinders in the last three years in Rajkot, by launching 10-kg composite LPG cylinders. They have 10,000 such cylinders and are adding 2,000 more to the stock as they are rolling out 5-kg and 10-kg domestic LPG in Pune district, he said.
HPCL has bought 8,000 composite cylinders for launching in Pune and Gandhinagar on a trial basis, Panigrahi, said.  Other OMCs like BPCL and IOCL are waiting and watching HPCL and they too will follow, he said.