Natural Gas Sales, Import & Production
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Import of Liquefied Natural Gas to the domestic market * (MMT)
MonthSep, 2015Oct, 2015Nov, 2015Dec, 2015Jan, 2016Feb, 2016Cumulative
Total LNG Imports1.440.981.201.351.441.3214.35
* Provisional
TBTU: Trillion British Thermal Unit
Source:Petronet LNG Limited & Hazira LNG Pvt Ltd.

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Sale of Natural Gas in the domestic market* (in MMSCM)
MonthApr, 2015May, 2015Jun, 2015Jul, 2015Aug, 2015Sep, 2015Oct, 2015Dec, 2015Jan, 2016Feb, 2016Cumulative
Coal Bed Methane (CBM)17.6719.5316.5614.8314.8316.8514.8313.2416.1816.18160.7
Domestic Natural Gas2098.542248.122145.092223.232223.232031.302223.232161.852204.112204.1121762.81
Regasified Liquified Natural Gas (R- LNG)1580.501517.671677.111405.651405.651826.331405.651641.841932.001932.0016324.4
* Provisional
MMSCM: Million Standard Cubic Metre
Source:ONGC,OIL,DGH,PLL & Shell
NOTE :1 Sale by producing and importing companies

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