Gas Field

A field containing natural gas but no oil.

Gas Injection

An enhanced recovery technique in which natural gas is injected under pressure into a producing reservoir through an injection well to drive oil to the well bore and the surface.


An environmentally superior technology for converting a wide variety of hydrocarbon fuels (coal, heavy oil, petroleum coke, natural gas and wastes) into clean synthetic gas, or "syngas," which is used to produce electricity, industrial chemicals and gases as well as fuels and fertilizers.


The light fuel used to spark ignition engines in cars, motorcycles, etc. Modern gasolines are blends of petroleum liquids that are produced in several different processes and which generally contain additives. Sold under the Phillips 66 brand at more than 6,500 stations in 26 states.

Gathering Lines, Systems

The piping networks installed in oil or gas fields to transport petroleum to a processing plant or bulk shipping point.

Global Warming

A rise in the average global temperature. There is general agreement in the scientific community that average global temperatures have risen about one degree Fahrenheit during the past century. Phillips supports taking actions now that make good environmental and economic sense in their own right -- such as energy conservation and improved efficiency. The company also supports further work to improve our understanding of the impact of human activity on climate.


A scraper that is run through the pipeline to clear out loose objects and clean the wall of the line.


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